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Sad moment as Churchill Show Comedian’s Mother Sheds Tears Live on Radio After Mtumishi’s Remark: ‘Hata Mamangu Akifa Sitahisi Chochote!’

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On Thursday, Massawe Japanni’s “Bustani” show turned into a heated session when the host attempted to reconcile comedian Gilbert Barasa (Mtumishi) with his biological mother.

The former Churchill Show comedian gained significant attention on social media in recent days after making shocking revelations about his mother during a Sunday church service.

During Thursday’s show, Massawe called Mtumishi’s mother, who sounded deeply hurt, expressing her distress about her son speaking ill of her in public.

“Why did he take me and expose me to the whole world? I don’t want to talk to him right now! If he wants us to talk, he should come home, and we can discuss things in front of our family!” angrily exclaimed Mtumishi’s mother.

She also dismissed the accusations of witchcraft that her son had raised, challenging him to provide evidence to support his claims.

“If he said I am a witch, then he should come and present that evidence. If I am a witch, then he is one too. Forget about those claims; I don’t want to talk. If we need to talk, it should be in front of my parents and siblings. Let him come, and we can talk; I don’t want to talk right now,” she said before abruptly ending the call.

Mtumishi, who was a special guest on Thursday’s show, defended himself, stating that he did not plan to publicly expose his mother and claimed that these were emotions he felt while at church.

“I didn’t plan to go public. Those emotions came when I was at the altar, and I thought, ‘this is the right place.’ It’s not something I had planned to say. I just felt it at that moment. I have lived with it since I was a child,” Mtumishi explained.

In a second attempt, Massawe Japanni called Mtumishi’s mother again, and this time, the comedian took the opportunity to apologize.

“Mama, I apologize, but I would like to know if I have ever wronged you so I can ask for forgiveness,” Mtumishi told his mother over the phone.

Mtumishi’s mother, speaking calmly in the second call, insisted that they should have a family meeting to resolve their conflict.

“We need to have a family meeting to resolve our issues. This time, she spoke well about her son, emphasizing that, despite everything, he is still her child.

“If you felt hurt, why didn’t you come? Even my boss came here to ask me; do you want to ruin my job, who will feed me?” Mtumishi’s mother asked her son.

She added, “We will talk at home, not just the two of us but with the whole family. You are my child, and I have no issues with you.”

Mtumishi expressed joy at finally having a positive conversation with his mother after a long time, saying, “I am happy she said we should go home and talk. That’s what I wanted. I don’t hate her; she is my mother, and I love her.”

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