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Sad as Nairobi City Council Officers Spill Groundnuts of a Man Hawking in the CBD

by Paul Nyongesa
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A heartbreaking video of a young vendor crying in anguish while holding onto a woman alleged to be a Nairobi County officer has been rapidly circulating on various social media platforms in Kenya in the past few hours.

The recorded video, location and time unverified, depicts the young man, dressed in a brown jacket, gray trousers, and sandals, sobbing intensely while shielding his face with his hands. Overwhelmed by emotions, he is seen standing, clinging to the female county officer.

A large crowd surrounds the scene, with some vehemently criticizing the incident and urging the officer, accused of causing the young man’s distress by allegedly confiscating his peanuts, to compensate him.

“That’s a young child. What kind of work is this? Pay him… let go of the young man,” a man’s voice in the crowd strongly protests in the video.

As the young man continues to cry, at one point, he is observed reaching out to the spilled peanuts, perhaps contemplating the significant loss he has incurred.

The exact cause of the incident remains unclear, but it has stirred mixed emotions on social media. Many angry Kenyans seem to be blaming the Nairobi County government, demanding accountability from Governor Johnson Sakaja for the actions of his officials.

Comedian Eric Omondi is among those touched by the young man’s tears and has already announced that he is actively searching for him.

“If they spill, we pick. If they break, we build!! I am looking for this young man, if you have his number, please comment or DM it to me… but remember OUR TIME IS COMING,” Eric Omondi wrote on his Instagram page alongside the video.

Here are some reactions from other Kenyans:

Queen_yulah: The first qualification for being a city council officer is a heart of steel wire… because there is no other way!
Kikuyu_og: That city council officer will never know peace, and her children will cry too.
Edgarwabwire: My heart is bleeding for this child! @SakajaJohnson, where is your humanity? Your city council officers will be the reason you are a one-term governor! This is not right! It doesn’t work!
ShankiAustine: The most heart-wrenching thing I’ve seen on the internet is that guy whose peanuts were spilled by the city council.
IamJuddah: It’s heart-wrenching for a female city council officer to spill this young man’s food. Unacceptable.

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