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Sad as Makueni Woman Quits Well-Paying Banking Job to Become a Pastor, Only to End Up Losing Both; Now Rearing Chickens

by Paul Nyongesa
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A significant number of Kenyans often harbor the thought that quitting their job to pursue something different from what they currently do would make them even more successful compared to their previous roles.

However, this wasn’t the case for Rose Mutua, who had to leave her well-paying job to open a church and eventually become a pastor.

Rose was born in Makueni County into a family of seven children, where she held the position of the second-born.

The loss of their mother plunged Rose into a challenging environment as her only remaining parent, her father, turned to alcohol, casting a shadow over her childhood.

After successfully completing her Certificate of Primary Education (CPE), Rose faced the harsh reality that her family couldn’t afford to finance her further education.

At this time, they resided with their grandmother. Determined not to succumb to the limitations of her circumstances, Rose made the difficult decision to move to town and work as a maid.

Fate intervened when her boss’s daughter recognized Rose’s potential and believed she deserved the opportunity to continue her education.

Rose was brought back to school, and as anticipated, she excelled in secondary school, earning a slot at the university.

Rose’s life took a positive turn when she met her husband, and the two began building a family together. Her husband secured a job at Toyota Kenya, steadily climbing the career ladder.

Meanwhile, Rose found success as one of the best salespersons at a local bank. It was during this period that Rose began to feel a divine calling to ministry.

Undeterred by the uncertainties that often accompany a shift in life’s trajectory, Rose heeded the call to ministry.

She joined a Bible school, and with the support of her husband, she left her successful banking career. As she stepped into this new chapter, her husband’s career continued to thrive, compensating for the income lost during her transition.

The determined couple, along with another partner, laid the foundations for a ministry that aimed not only at spiritual guidance but also at community development.

They started by acquiring a rented space and eventually procured land, establishing both a church and a music studio.

Their ministry focused on practical assistance, teaching women sustainable ways to earn a living and providing a platform for young talents in their music studio.

Life took a drastic turn for Rose one night when she received a distressing call. A group of police had arrived, vandalizing their church premises.

A claim had been made on the land, leading to its seizure and the destruction of their hard-earned investments. Adding to their misfortune, Rose’s husband lost his job.

Despite their efforts to fight for their land, the legal battles proved futile, forcing the family to relocate to the village. Rose, however, refused to be defeated by the setbacks.

In the village, she initiated a poultry project.

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