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Sad as ‘Fundi wa Stima’ Impregnates Kahawa Wendani Househelp, Then Abandons Her During Childbirth, Switches Off His Phone

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the quiet town of Kahawa Wendani, a heartbreaking story unfolds, revealing the struggles of Sabina Wakesho, a young house girl from Taita Taveta. Sabina has been working diligently as a house help for two years.

Tragedy struck last year when Sabina fell victim to love.

She found herself entangled with a man known as “fundi wa stima” who, after impregnating her, vanished without a trace, leaving her to face the challenges of impending motherhood alone.

As her due date approached, Sabina’s situation grew dire, and she faced a daunting future as a single mother.

On a fateful Sunday at 12:06 am, Sabina experienced intense labor pains, signaling the arrival of her baby.

Despite her pain, her employers rushed to her aid, calling a boda boda rider to swiftly transport her to the nearest hospital.

In a remarkable turn of events, Sabina delivered a healthy baby girl upon their arrival at the hospital’s entrance.

However, Sabina’s joy was short-lived. Abandoned by the father of her child and left without the support of her employers, she found herself in a dire predicament.

With nowhere to go, Sabina remained in the hospital ward, her heart heavy with the burden of uncertainty and fear.

To compound her distress, Sabina received a devastating phone call from her own mother, who sternly warned her not to return home to Taita Taveta with her newborn baby.

Her mother, burdened by the responsibility of caring for Sabina’s siblings, refused to accept the additional burden of another child and callously insisted that Sabina either find a way to support herself and the baby or consider selling her newborn.

Amidst these unimaginable challenges, the hospital management, moved by Sabina’s plight, generously waived her entire medical bill. However, Sabina still found herself homeless, with no place to go and no means to provide for herself and her baby girl.


Desperate for help, Sabina bravely faces an uncertain future, willing to accept even the most modest shelter—a simple tin-roofed house, just as long as it offers her child a safe and secure environment.

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