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Ruth K Breaks Silence for the First Time After Mulamwah Impregnated Her

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a candid interview with the Nation, Ruth K, the wife of popular Kenyan comedian and media personality, Mulamwah (David Oyando), shared intimate details about their relationship and her unexpected journey into motherhood.

The revelation about Ruth’s pregnancy came as a surprise, even to her. It was the keen observations of her fans that led her to take a pregnancy test. The realization dawned on her during her birthday celebrations when she posted photos and videos online. Fans noticed a change in the size of her tummy, prompting her to take the test that confirmed the pregnancy.

“I actually hadn’t realized that I was pregnant until my fans noticed. It was during my birthday when I posted videos and photos and my fans spotted that the size of my tummy was unusual, which I had honestly, hadn’t noticed. I then decided to take a test, and it turned positive,” she shared.

At 23, Ruth acknowledges that the pregnancy wasn’t part of their immediate plans, but the unexpected news brought immense joy to Mulamwah.

“It came earlier than planned. Nonetheless, we thank God for the blessing; His time is always the best.”

The couple’s relationship, as Ruth narrated, started as a friendship when they met in Eldoret. The ‘Bestie’ moniker, she explained, originated from the circumstances of their initial encounter. Their connection grew over a year, evolving from friends to lovers.

“We first met in Eldoret. It wasn’t planned, just a random bumping into each other. We exchanged pleasantries and contacts, and each of us went on with their lives. We kept engaging, became friends, and a year into our relationship, love happened, and here we are. That’s how the nickname ‘Bestie’ stuck because that is what we are; we are best friends.”

Before Mulamwah entered her life, Ruth was focused on her career in fashion and modeling. Surprisingly, she revealed that she is a teacher by profession.


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