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Revealed: Amount of Money Terence Creative Has Spent on ‘Wash Wash Four’ project

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Kenyan comedian Lawrence Macharia, better known as Terence Creative, is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his upcoming project, “Wash Wash 4.”

In a recent revelation, Terence disclosed that the production of this film demanded a staggering investment of over Sh6 million.

Terence, who rose to fame with his viral character “Papa Fred” in the “Wash Wash” series, explained the extensive costs incurred during the filming process.

The expenses ranged from travel and accommodation to permits and overall production expenditures.

The comedian emphasized that the disclosed Sh6 million was merely an understatement, as the actual expenses surpassed this figure, reaching a point where they stopped keeping track.

Shooting in Dubai, Terence outlined the challenges faced, particularly the necessity of obtaining permits.

Despite the hurdles, he expressed gratitude for the grace of God, which he believes played a significant role in making their dream a reality.

”Ot’s by God’s grace that we shot a good movie so that people can see even Kenyans are hardworking, they have resources. We spent over six million; it got to a point where we stopped counting the money. That 6 million was from ages ago; we’d already exceeded that. Every small money we got, we’d put it in the film,” Terence explained.

The commitment to this project went beyond monetary investments, as Terence and his team lived and breathed the Dubai experience for the film. His dedication to the venture is evident in his statement: “Every small money we got, we’d put it in the film.”

Terence has produced three episodes so far and is set to unveil the fourth, featuring unexpected alliances, betrayals, and numerous plot twists in a captivating narrative of fun, crime, and redemption.

“Expect heart-stopping action, brilliantly executed cons, and a series of laugh-out-loud moments as Papa Fred tries to outwit law enforcement and the dangerous criminal underworld. With unexpected alliances, betrayals, and countless plot twists, Wash Wash 4 is a rollercoaster of fun, crime, and redemption,” he wrote

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