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Reports: Kenya’s Alleged ‘Tajiri Mwitu’ Kennedy Rapudo Chased Out of his Rental House Over Massive Debt

by Paul Nyongesa
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On Tuesday, reports circulated that businessman Kennedy Rapudo and his wife, Amber Ray, were chased out of their house due to non-payment of arrears.

The report, shared by blogger Edgar Obare on his X account, claimed that their rental house, a Kilimani duplex apartment, is now available for rent at KES 270,000 per month after the couple was allegedly evicted for rent arrears


However, renowned socialite and mother of two, Amber Ray, has termed the reports as pure rumors, claiming that people are propagating lies for their benefit and entertainment.

“Ken and I separated because of our differences, not because we couldn’t keep our house afloat, and it certainly wasn’t a clout chase, I do not clout chase especially not with personal matters. The rent was never an issue. I moved out mid-month, and Ken did a while after. It wouldn’t make sense for him to live in a 5-bedroom house alone.”

She further claimed that she and her hubby have never been chased out of any house over rental arrears, as they have been able to afford the money.

“The rent for both our current apartments combined far exceeds the rent we used to pay in that house. So we never had arrears, and we were not kicked out.”

Amber Ray and Rapudo are back together after the two claimed that they had separated following an incident where Rapudo assaulted Amber Ray while drunk.

The two were seen together celebrating the socialite’s birthday.

In a video posted by Rapudo on his Instagram, he was seen popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate Amber Ray.

Rapudo then posted another video of himself feeding Amber Ray a piece of cake.

Before the socialite could eat the cake, Rapudo teased her with it, and they both smiled happily.

The mother of two was celebrated in an all-white party which seemed to have been attended by close friends only.

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