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Radio Presenter Auntie Jemimah: Why Kikuyu men are not being romantic

by Paul Nyongesa
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Gukena FM radio presenter Aunt Jemima, Known for her witty banter and humorous take on relationships, has recently shared her perspective on Kikuyu men in a conversation with Jeff Kuria on his YouTube channel.

In the interview, Jeff Kuria probed Aunt Jemima about the origins of her often-controversial comments. “Who hurt you?” he asked, to which Jemima responded with a chuckle, “No, nobody hurt me. It’s just that when you are a comedian, you are very observant. You hear people talking out there, so my comments are just to pass on the message to just try and be romantic, just a little,” she responded.

Jeff sought to understand the extent of her perspective, and Jemimah expressed the importance of small romantic gestures, such as bringing flowers as an apology.

However, she critiqued a common Kikuyu approach to apologies, stating, “You know Kikuyu guys tell you ‘let’s leave it at that,’ that’s not an apology.”

Defending Kikuyu men, Jeff suggested they have a unique way of apologizing, prompting laughter from Aunt Jemima.

“Ati a chicken is an apology? No, no way. Small gestures. Come hide chocolate in my pillow, let’s go out, spend time on weekends. What you lack and that is my message is that you must create time for us, not all the time because we also get bored, quality time. and even bedminton, kiss me on the forehead tell me have a nice day. Is that too much to ask for?”

“That’s why you find your women – Kikuyu- just being there, it is because we want to experience the world, If a woman is taken care of she doesn’t go out. She will never leave you because she knows when you have money this si how you treat me. But if you spend your money out there, ..nah.”

Beyond the comedic banter, Aunt Jemima extended her advice to health and grooming. She urged Kikuyu men to take care of their health, stay fit, and pay attention to personal grooming, playfully suggesting the adoption of deodorant and body splash.

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