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Quick Mart Supermarket Finally Reveals What They Know After Wells Fargo Employees Stole Ksh 94 Million on Monday Morning

by Paul Nyongesa
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Quick Mart, the company behind the popular Quickmart chain of stores, released a statement just two days after Ksh 94 million was reported stolen by two employees of Wells Fargo.

In a statement issued on Wednesday morning, Quick Mart clarified that the missing funds were not under their protection when the incident occurred on Monday morning.

The company’s management explained that the money was in the hands of the Wells Fargo security company when their two employees were alleged to have fled with it.

“Quick Mart Limited wishes to provide clarification regarding the recent loss of approximately Ksh 94 million, which is alleged to involve two employees of Wells Fargo. We want to clarify that the money was under the protection of the Wells Fargo security company at the time of the incident,” read Quick Mart’s statement.

In light of this situation, Quick Mart assured all its stakeholders that the regular operations of their large stores would continue without disruption.

They also reassured all stakeholders that a thorough investigation is underway to resolve this matter, which has captured the attention of the entire country.

“As a reputable homegrown company, Quickmart ensures its funds are insured against incidents like this. We would like to assure all our stakeholders that this incident will not disrupt our daily operations,” the Quick Mart management stated in the release.

They added, “Investigative authorities are diligently working to resolve this issue, as we continue to uphold our commitment to integrity and dedication that defines our brand.”

On Monday evening, criminal investigators (DCI) released a statement about the incident, stating that they have launched a search for two Wells Fargo employees who are alleged to have fled with Ksh 94 million in cash from Quick Mart.

Daniel Mungai Mugetha, a squad commander, and Anthony Nduiki Waigumu, a driver, were reported to have disappeared with this substantial amount of money after leaving the company’s vehicle carrying the cash in the Dafarm area of South C, Nairobi.

The DCI reported that the suspects secretly drove the truck from the company’s office in Nairobi shortly after the money was loaded inside. It is said they left behind a police escort vehicle that was waiting to be allowed to depart.

“Unbeknownst to them, the escort lorry registration number KBA 517T that they were accompanying had left a few minutes earlier. An armed escort team went to inquire from the management why the loading was taking too long. By that time, neither the lorry nor the employees could be found,” read the DCI report.

The DCI added, “A report from the company’s Investigation Manager indicated that the Isuzu Canter vehicle was transporting money to a bank located on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, and it was carrying Ksh 94 million from the well-known retail giant.”

Police officers from Lang’ata, who were mobilized to search for the suspects, later found the empty truck containing the money abandoned in the South C area.

Detectives from the special branch have since launched an intensive manhunt for the suspects to recover the stolen money.

The DCI has also released pictures of the two suspects and urged the public to share any relevant information that could lead to their arrest.

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