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Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Shocking Confession: Kikuyu Women are Unromantic

by Samantha
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A recent video featuring Pastor Ng’ang’a has stirred up online discussions as the controversial preacher made remarks about Kikuyu women during a church service.

In the undated footage, Ng’ang’a paused mid-service to boast about the opulence of his residences, complete with swimming pools and gyms.

The pastor then shifted the focus to his wife, Murugi, expressing his views on what he perceives as a lack of a particular romantic gesture.

He claimed that despite his considerable wealth, his wife does not kneel while serving him, making a specific reference to Kikuyu women from Murang’a.

“When I am chilling by the pool, my wife comes and asks me what I want to eat; that’s just how the Kikuyu women from Murang’a are. Other women kneel before their husbands and ask them, ‘babe, what will you eat?’ But, ours don’t do that,” Ng’ang’a remarked in the video.

The controversial statement has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media, with netizens sharing their opinions on the pastor’s comments.

Some found humor in the situation, while others expressed varying sentiments about cultural stereotypes.

Ng’ang’a is no stranger to making headlines, often boasting about his wealth and occasionally engaging in public spats.

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