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Pastor Ezekiel: Don’t Marry Women Who Wake Up Before Their Husbands; They Aren’t Wise

by Paul Nyongesa
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Pastor Ezekiel Odero of Newlife Church and Prayer Centre has delivered a unique piece of advice to men contemplating marriage – steer clear of women who love to sleep.

In a compelling video captured during a service at his church, the preacher passionately argued that a desirable wife should be the first to rise in the morning, diligently attending to the needs of her husband and children.

The pastor’s unconventional counsel raises the question: Why should a woman wake up before her husband?

Pastor Ezekiel Odero contends that a man who discovers his wife still in bed upon his awakening has potentially made a regrettable choice in a life partner.

Backing his assertions with biblical references, the preacher emphasized, “A woman who continues to sleep even after her husband has risen is not embodying the qualities of a good woman because, according to the Bible, a man shouldn’t wake up before his wife. The woman is meant to be the guiding light of the family, taking charge of waking up early to prepare the kids for school, managing household chores, and even preparing a hearty breakfast for her husband. If you find yourself waking up before your wife, and she remains in slumber, I am sorry for you… The Bible stipulates that a wise woman awakens early in the morning and is a precious gem to her husband… That, my friends, is not a wife.”

This thought-provoking advice challenges traditional gender roles and prompts reflection on the dynamics of marital relationships.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s message suggests that the alignment of waking hours in a household may be a crucial factor in evaluating the suitability of a life partner, according to his interpretation of biblical principles.

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