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Nahasion Mbugua: I have never been a number One; I was a 300-mark student but ended up scoring 425 in KCPE

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Just after the release of the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), Nahasion Mbugua was surprised to have scored 425 marks, 3 marks behind the top candidate Michael Warutere, who scored 428 marks.

Nahasion Igeria Mbugua, a 14-year-old student from St Anthony Catholic School, recently defied expectations and emerged as one of the top-performing students not only in Nakuru County but also in the entire country.

Despite consistently being in the top ten, Mbugua had never clinched the first position in school.

His usual scores ranged between 300 and 350 marks in standard school examinations, making him a good student but not an exceptional one.

Little did he and his family anticipate that he would one day achieve a remarkable feat, surpassing his own limits and making a significant impact on the academic landscape.

In an interview with Mtaa Wangu,  his father, John Igeria, a teacher by profession, it became evident that Mbugua’s success was not a stroke of luck but the result of consistent effort and dedication.

“He gradually improved from a 350-mark student to a 400-mark student. He would study late into the night and engage in extensive revision with the help of his mother, who is also a teacher. A joint effort was made to help him improve his grades. But his results surprised us,” Mr. Igeria recounted.

His mother, Mary Muthoni, played a crucial role in supporting his studies. Together, they tackled challenges, undertook late-night study sessions, and navigated the complexities of academic growth.

The moment of truth arrived when the KCPE results were announced.

The Igeria-Mbugua household experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

Initially, the day seemed gloomy as the family faced technical glitches in accessing the results.

“The days started gloomily as we kept getting ‘dear client, the KCPE 2023 results are not available.’ I thought maybe his results had been canceled. I was very worried. I did not know that there was a technical problem nationwide.” Mary Muthoni shared.

After several attempts, the moment of celebration finally arrived.

Mary Muthoni vividly recalls the joyous occasion, saying, “I jumped out of my chair and went out cheering when I saw the results. Suddenly everyone in our compound was celebrating with us, including his father who was at the farm at the time.”

As Mbugua reflects on his achievements, he envisions a future in aviation and dreams of becoming a pilot.

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