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Mtetezi Boniface Mwangi exposes wife beater Shakir Merali

by Paul Nyongesa
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The people’s defender Boniface Mwangi has exposed an arrogant man, Shakir Merali who has a hobby of beating woman and because he is untouchable. Merali is a controversial businessman who now think he is untouchable.

Through a chilling video expose on social media, Bonface Mwangi has shown how Merali has succesfully thrown out his wife Scholastica who they have been married for 28 years and is currently in the process of intimidating and threatening her after throwing her out of their matrimonial home.

Bonface Mwangi’s expose has shown has Merali is currently trying to beat and murder his wife Scholastica so that he grabs their matrimonial property like he always does.

Mtetezi Mwangi has shown how Merali is also trying to starve Scholastica a humble wife who he has now force to live in servants squatter where he can monitor her and ensure she is starved.

In the chilling video, Scholastica told the press how she is under house arrest from the untouchable Merali who has sent her several death threats so that she leaves her matrimonial home that she helped him build.

Arrogant criminals like Merali who do not respect women and are racist should be treated how Sign Rai was treated. Mambo ni matatu!

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