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Meet Kenyan Man Earning Ksh 20k Per Night Working as a Supermarket Attendant in the UK

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a revealing vlog on his YouTube channel, Huku Yukei, a Kenyan living in the UK, has opened up about the unique challenges and opportunities he faces while juggling two jobs.

What sets him apart is his candid discussion about the stark contrast between working conditions in Kenya and the UK.

Huku Yukei discloses that securing employment in the UK is as simple as ordering an Uber.

He leverages an agency app, Indeed Flex, which sends him job notifications.

This contractual work allows him to choose his hours, providing flexibility. However, the vlogger notes that the dress code for these agency jobs is consistently black, distinguishing contracted staff from others.

The most intriguing aspect of Huku Yukei’s story is the pay gap between his day job and night shift as a supermarket attendant.

Despite working longer hours during the night, the financial reward is significantly higher, with earnings totaling Ksh. 20,000 per night.

His 10-hour night shifts, from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am, are interspersed with a ‘half-time’ break, where he can rest and recharge.

Beyond the monetary benefits, Huku Yukei shares the perks of free food that come with his agency job, a privilege enjoyed by both contracted and permanent supermarket staff.

This not only adds to his income but also reflects a positive aspect of the work culture in the UK.

The vlogger emphasizes the importance of remittances, advising others in a similar situation to send money back to Kenya.

“Hiyo pesa kama unaitumia hapa hivi, haikusaidii sana lakini kama unaituma Kenya, inasaidia sana. Ukiwa
huku make sure unatuma pesa Kenya,” he said.“

So ukikam hapa hivi, make sure unatuma pesa Kenya. Nunua shamba ama ufanye kakitu, but make sure unatuma pesa Kenya,” he added.

Aside from his work life, Huku Yukei provides glimpses into the UK’s transportation system, specifically praising the efficiency of electric buses.


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