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Mary Lincoln Reacts When Asked if She Is Married to Njogu Wa Njoroge

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Gospel singer Mary Lincoln has dispelled rumours over their alleged relationship with popular Kikuyu media personality, Njogu Wa Njoroge.

The duo initially sparked public interest with reports of a traditional ceremony in 2020, attended by media personalities and celebrities.

Subsequent events, such as a lavish birthday celebration hosted by Njogu Wa Njoroge for Mary Lincoln in 2021, only fueled speculation about their relationship.

However, the once-visible couple has been notably absent from public appearances for over a year, prompting questions about the status of their rumored union.

Close sources suggest a possible reason for this withdrawal – Mary Lincoln allegedly ousted from their Kiambu Road residence after private images of her were leaked online, leading to a wave of public embarrassment.

In a recent interview with Kameme FM, Mary Lincoln skillfully sidestepped direct questions about her marriage, asserting that no one has paid her dowry and dismissing claims of a union with Njogu Wa Njoroge.

“I saw those traditional wedding photos, but my question is, are there no events you attend and find yourself wearing similar outfits? I later came to learn that people were saying I was married. My dad has not received any dowry from any man.”

In 2022, the gospel singer underwent a distressing episode as explicit images of her surfaced online, triggering a wave of intense cyberbullying.

Mary candidly shared the profound extent of her challenges during this tumultuous period, even acknowledging that she found herself contemplating suicide.

“God helped me to be quiet in that particular time. He helped me overcome the cyberbullying. I recovered from that phase through God. I asked God so many questions at that time. I was ready to commit suicide and even planned to do it,” she said.

Recounting her first suicidal attempt, Mary spoke about the severity of the emotional toll and her ongoing battles with the spirit of suicide.

“I have also wanted to kill myself again and even took so many tablets not to see my children suffering. The spirit of suicide is very bad, and I would not be alive. People should not look at me on social media and wish to be like me, yet they don’t know what I have gone through,” she said.

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