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Margaret Wangari: Nakuru Woman Who Was Dumped by Her Boyfriend for Giving Birth to Twins, Terming It as a Curse

by Samantha
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In 2017, Margaret Wangari was deeply in love, and her future seemed promising.

Little did she know that her life would take an unexpected turn.

Today, Margaret is a mother of three children.

Margaret’s story began with a flourishing relationship in 2017.

She was head over heels in love with her boyfriend, and their bond was strong.

Their joy reached its peak when they welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2019.

“I have always known that children are a blessing. When we sired our first child, a daughter in 2019, it was the happiest time of our lives. I was very excited to start a family with him,” Margaret said during an interview with Nakuru Mtaa Wangu Website.

However, life had a different plan for Margaret.

In 2022, she received life-altering news—she was pregnant with twins.

While this news might have been cause for celebration for many, Margaret’s boyfriend held a deeply ingrained belief rooted in superstition from his community.

According to this superstition, twins were considered a curse.

The revelation that she was expecting twins shattered Margaret’s world.

It was a moment when everything took a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend’s belief in the curse associated with twins prompted him to make a heartbreaking decision.

He walked away from Margaret while she was five months pregnant, leaving her heartbroken and alone.

Margaret’s world collapsed as the man she loved and relied on for support left her in the midst of her pregnancy, when she needed him most.

“I was forced to seek solace in my sister’s house, awaiting my due date. After delivering the twins, I became a single mother of three, leaving me with a heavy burden of parenting, which is not a walk in the park.”

Despite the odds stacked against her, Margaret embraced her new role as a mother with unconditional love and care.

The difficulties she faced did not deter her.

He opted at providing the best possible life for her children.

She secured a job at a cereal shop in Barnabas, and she didn’t stop there.

She also took on menial jobs, such as washing clothes, to increase her income.

“I go above and beyond for my children. Sometimes when I’m going to do odd jobs, I am forced to carry the three children on a wheelbarrow since I do not have anyone I can leave them with back at home,” she expressed

As a graduate with a certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) from Nakuru Teachers Training College, she aspires to complete her education and secure a job in the teaching profession.

To achieve this dream, she is reaching out for job opportunities that will help her provide for her children.

In addition to her career goals, Margaret also hopes to settle a school fee arrear of Sh 40,000.

This financial burden has been a barrier to obtaining her certificate, which is necessary for her application to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

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