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Just In: Standard Media Group Set for Auction to Recover Millions Owed to President William Ruto’s Ally

by Samantha
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The troubles for Standard Media Group have taken a tumultuous turn as an auctioneer has stepped in to recover Ksh4.1 million owed to a former Coast politician closely linked to President William Ruto.

The anount represents damages awarded to the politician after winning a defamation case against the media giant, a debt the company has reportedly defaulted on.

According to a report by Standard Group, the former politician faced additional complications as his attempt to sell his parents’ home was halted.

Allegations surfaced that the politician’s niece accused him of forging her grandmother’s signature to authorize the property’s sale, adding a layer of familial dispute to an already contentious legal battle.

Moran auctioneers, armed with a Warrant of Attachment and Sale issued in November 2023, have set their sights on recovering the owed amount by auctioning off various assets belonging to the media house.

The list includes six vehicles, office chairs, and wooden cabinets.

The High Court, issuing orders on November 6, 2023, directed the auctioneering company to proceed with the sale after a 15-day notice period. The court’s directive specified the sale of Standard Group’s property to recover the outstanding Ksh4,178,218.00,.

The standard woes comes a day after Kenya Union of Journalist {KUJ} threatened to sue the company over failure to pay it’s workers for 10 consecutive months.

In a press release, the Union  said that they have held consultative meetings with SG, but the media organisation has not implemented any of the promises they made.

“We cannot be championing and calling out for the rights of journalists when employers are the ones who are violating the rights of the journalists, who will respect journalists if employers do not. We will have a solidarity strike in support and solidarity with our colleagues at Standard Group,” Oduor said.

“As the industry, we have had a number of consultations and for a start, let us come and speak so that it can be heard by everyone and everyone can know what is happening at Standard.”

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