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J Blessing Finally Breaks Silence After Accusations of Assault from Avril

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan music producer J Blessing has admitted to being involved in a public altercation with his co-parent, Judith Nyambura, popularly known as Avril.

This comes after the celebrated musician shared disturbing pictures of her face bearing signs of assault, accompanied by harsh words against the father of her child.

Responding to the accusations of abuse from his co-parent, J Blessing denied physically assaulting the musician and stated that he does not support violence.

“Good afternoon. Yes, we had a public disagreement, but it did not involve physical assault as suggested. I do not support any form of violence,” J Blessing said after being contacted by Mpasho on Instagram.

In further explanations, J Blessing claimed that one of the pictures posted by Avril was from an incident that occurred last year. He admitted to having a disagreement that led to a physical altercation, resulting in injuries for both parties, which were treated at the hospital.

“I sincerely apologize for the harm I caused Avril or anyone else. I am guilty, but I would like to clarify a few things. Almost a year ago, we had a physical disagreement where we both got injured. On that day, I immediately took her to the hospital. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident,” J Blessing explained.

He added, “Last night, there was an incident that led to an argument, but it was not physical violence as suggested. I want to assure everyone that I did not hit her. I am not an abuser, and I did not hit her. I am a human who made mistakes in my life.”

The music producer also announced that he and Avril have agreed to live separately after the recent incident.

On Tuesday night, Avril posted pictures of her face with injuries, alleging that the father of her child attacked and assaulted her.

Later, the singer came forward to explain why she chose to share her private struggles publicly. She acknowledged the outpouring of both love and criticism but emphasized that her heart was heavy, prompting her to share her experiences with the world.

Avril revealed that she has forgiven J Blessing for whatever transpired between them and urged her fans to forgive him as well. She stated that they are committed to seeking help, learning better ways of communication, and resolving their issues for the sake of their son.

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