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Family Feuds, Stage Managed Dramas: The Sad Case of Pinewood Beach Resort’s Management Woes

by Paul Nyongesa

The problems facing Pinewood resort are all internal problems from within the Kanji family beginning with English Point Marina up to the recent attack at the hotel that drew attention to the ugly family dispute.

The attack is believed to be a  crafty deal to divert attention from the trouble at Pearl Beach hotels limited which is owned by the Kanji family, the same family that owns Pinewood Resort and spa and English Point Marina which has several debt collectors waiting to be paid after the developer made some shady deals and money laundering to cause chaos for the owners.

Sources reveal that the attack on Pinewood was planned by Nazir Jinnah, a report this writer couldnt independently verify


According to anonymous sources, Pearl Beach Hotels Limited was presented with an opportunity to settle its debt of Ksh. 5.2 Billion, which had been borrowed for the construction of English Point Marina.

However, mirroring previous instances, Nazir, the company’s representative, insisted on rejecting the offer and opted to await a court order scheduled for delivery in December.

The decision to decline the offer was made discreetly, as leaking the details could potentially paint Nazir and Pearl Beach in a negative light, suggesting an unwillingness to repay the loan that has been in default since 2016, as per information shared with Kenyan Report by an inside source.

Nazir Jinnah,

“Over 200 hired troublemakers aimed to create chaos at Pinewood Resort’s gate, intending not to harm guests. Unexpectedly, a brawl ensued, resulting in injuries to some guests. The goons had been instructed to ’cause disturbance,’ but issues arose when some used their payment for drugs. This region is known for available hired individuals, especially for those with the right connections. Nazir, well-acquainted with influential figures in Mombasa, understands the dynamics,” the source revealed.

The source has brought to light a concerning revelation that Nazim is not a legitimate lawyer and, therefore, should not be providing counsel on debt settlement strategies for the business.

It was Nazim’s guidance that prompted Alnoor Kanji, the owner of Pearl Beach Hotels Limited, and his family to use Pinewood Resort and certain personal assets as collateral for the loan when the case was initially brought before the high court in 2017.

“When the hotel faced receivership due to non-compliance with a restructured payment plan in 2022, Nazir advised Pearl Hotels to appeal to the court, despite the Kanji family’s inability to provide valid reasons for their payment failures,” the informant disclosed.

It is further alleged that Nazir is known to engage in unscrupulous activities, defrauding people under the guise of being a successful lawyer, despite facing multiple investigations and lawsuits in the last 10 years for impersonating a lawyer.

‘In reality, Nazir lacks the qualifications or documentation to prove he is a lawyer. Previously, he faced accusations of falsely using the Khaminwa name to portray himself as a legal associate but later refused to attend the trial.’ the source continued.

It is also reported that after the attack on Pinewood resort, the masterminds rushed to edit a video of the goons assembling at the gate and add subtitles to blame the bank than lent the money and the receiver.

”These people, led by Nazir, are pressuring the Kanji family to reject viable plans to salvage their business, while portraying the courts as their savior. Initially, the only collateral for English Point Marina was Pinewood Resort, but thanks to Nazir’s silver tongue, the Kanji family’s personal assets are now also at risk due to the defaulted loan.

“This appears to be a protracted scheme to dispossess the Kanji family of their property through legal tactics. Nazir opposes the bank-appointed receiver, aiming for English Point Marina and Pinewood Resort to be auctioned, facilitating him and his network of vultures to acquire it inexpensively,” the source stated.



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Shosho yako November 29, 2023 - 9:12 am

Waaah.. you guys can really propagate lies in a fruitful way. So much for ethical journalism.

Samantha December 9, 2023 - 6:17 pm

Which lie

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