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Eric Omondi: Why I Haven’t Helped Struggling Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

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Comedian Eric Omondi has reacted after a number of Kenyans accused him of not coming to the aid of struggling artist Alpha Mwana Mtule, who has been battling health issues for nearly a month, and producer Magix Enga

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Omondi addressed the delay in responding to Mwana Mtule’s situation.

He explained that when news broke, he was en route to Meru and encountered conflicting reports, including rumors of Mwana Mtule’s death juxtaposed with news of an upcoming album release.

“At the beginning of this story, when it came out, I was on my way to Meru, and I saw a trending story that Mwana Mtule was dead and then, I read that he was about to release an album. Then his wife called me later, telling me that he was poisoned in Rongai. I did not know the exact story” Eric Omondi explained.

Omondi clarified that he is still in the process of understanding the exact circumstances surrounding Mwana Mtule’s health before seeking public support.

He expressed the challenges of dealing with incomplete or conflicting information and the importance of a thorough background check before launching fundraising efforts.

Notably, Omondi mentioned a similar hesitation in the case of another struggling artist, Magix Enga, citing concerns about the credibility of financial support requests.

“The reason I have not fundraised for the current two artists who are struggling, Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule, is because I need to do a diligent background check up on what exactly is happening,” he added.

Regarding Magix Enga’s recent plea for assistance, Omondi highlighted the artist’s previous statements about being associated with Illuminati and having access to significant funds.

“I checked, for example, in the case of Magix Enga, there was a time he said he was Illuminati and that he said there was money there. How do I come again and tell Kenyans that this person needs help? Kenyans will not take me seriously when I come with a serious health issue,” Eric Omondi said.

Despite the delay, Eric Omondi issued a rare call for unity among Kenyan artists, urging them to come together and support Mwana Mtule during his challenging time. He specifically called upon artists, DJs, and comedians to unite and contribute towards raising funds for Mwana Mtule’s medical expenses.


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