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Edday Nderitu Reacts after Claims of Karen Nyamu Helping Her Secure Government Tenders

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a recent turn of events, Edday Nderitu, the first wife of singer Samidoh, vehemently refuted claims made by Senator Karen Nyamu that she assisted in securing a government tender worth Ksh9 million.

The allegations surfaced during an interview on the “Bonga na Jalas” show in 2021, where Senator Nyamu, who is now the mother of two children with Samidoh, asserted that she, along with Samidoh’s brother, played a role in facilitating the paperwork for the lucrative government contract.

During the interview, Senator Nyamu stated, “How can I hate someone I helped? Last year (2020), I gave Samidoh the idea for Edday to register a company because we were getting tenders. Now she is bidding for stationery worth Sh9 million, and Samidoh and I, through Kariz Magic, sat down and prepared those documents.”

Responding to recent comments by a fan recalling these past statements, Edday expressed disbelief, questioning the credibility of Nyamu’s assertions. “Did I look like I had 9 million while in Kenya? 99% of what she says is a lie; ask around, my friend,” Edday retorted.

In a TikTok video’s comments section, a fan revisited Nyamu’s previous claims, suggesting that perhaps Edday’s inability to leave Samidoh was linked to the alleged assistance in government tenders. In response, Edday dismissed the notion, asserting that Senator Nyamu is not to be trusted and labeling her as a habitual liar.

Expressing gratitude to her friend Bernice Saroni in a recent video post, Edday Nderitu thanked her for facilitating her move to the United States earlier this year. She acknowledged the immense support she received, emphasizing that Saroni’s kindness played a pivotal role in her and her children’s well-being.

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