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DJ Slahver Breaks Silence Following Controversial Breakup with Nicah The Queen

by Paul Nyongesa
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Gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her ex-boyfriend, DJ Slahver, have once again made headlines with the revelation that financial struggles were a significant factor in their recent breakup.

The DJ, during an interview with Ankali Ray, shared insights into the challenges that led to the decision to part ways.

DJ Slahver clarified that the separation wasn’t abrupt but rather a culmination of issues that had been building up over time.

He opened up about a financial setback he experienced while organizing an event to bring Chris Brown. Unfortunately, he fell victim to a scam, leading to financial strain and subsequent resignation.

“I need the break for my mental health as a man. The break-up didn’t happen overnight; it was caused by problems that piled up over time. Last year there was an event I was organizing where I was to bring Chris Brown, that’s when the problems began. I was conned,” DJ Slahver explained.

“I had partnered with two men, one of whom was living in Dubai but unfortunately, I was scammed. I never went public about it. It affected me to the point I resigned. I became broke, and I can say mostly the issues that may have led to our break up is finances.”

Nicah The Queen had previously announced the end of their on-and-off relationship on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the love they received. This breakup follows a pattern, as the couple had also gone public about their split in April 2022, citing the complexities of love.

In her earlier announcement, Nicah The Queen had stated, “Slahver and I decided to call it quits and go our separate ways. People can fall in love, and they can also fall out. All in all, we move on; regardless, I wish him nothing but the best.”

DJ Slahver, in response to the 2022 breakup, had requested time to process the situation.


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