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Deputy Speaker Shollei Calls for Patience as Kenya Kwanza Tackles High Cost of Living

by Paul Nyongesa
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National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei has appealed to Kenyans for patience, requesting them to give President William Ruto’s administration a one-year grace period to effectively address the escalating cost of living in the country.

Shollei, speaking during a funds drive at Bware Kabondo SDA Church in Kabondo Kasipul constituency, shed light on the economic challenges faced by Kenya, particularly emphasizing the shortage of dollars as a significant contributor to the current situation.

“The main problem facing our country is the shortage of dollars, which resulted from exporting fewer goods and services than we import,” Shollei said.

The Deputy Speaker highlighted that the imbalance of trade, where Kenya imports more goods and services than it exports, has led to a scarcity of dollars.

Shollei dismissed the notion that rising fuel prices were the main culprit, asserting that the primary problem lies in the shortage of the U.S. currency. This scarcity, she explained, is a consequence of the country’s dependence on imports.

To tackle this issue, Shollei shared that the government has initiated measures to boost local production. Subsidized fertilizer distribution to farmers is one such initiative aimed at making Kenya more self-reliant in goods and services.

While acknowledging the high cost of living, Shollei assured citizens that the government is actively working to implement various strategies to alleviate the situation.

“I plead with Kenyans to be patient with the government for the next one year for the cost of living to reduce. Even if you have a cow, you must be patient with it to mature and calf down,” she stated, emphasizing the time required for impactful change.

Former area MPs Silvance Osele and Agustino Neto echoed Shollei’s sentiments, urging residents in the Nyanza region to support the government’s development projects.

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