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Churchill Show Comedian’s Father Breaks Silence After Mtumishi Accused His Wife of Witchcraft and Family Breakup

by Paul Nyongesa
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On Thursday afternoon, radio presenter Massawe Japanni welcomed comedian Gilbert Barasa, popularly known as Mtumishi, to her show, Bustani la Massawe, on Radio Jambo.

During the show, both parents of the former Churchill Show comedian were called to give their opinions on the recent controversy that has been making headlines in Kenya. Mtumishi has gained significant attention on social media in recent days after making shocking statements about his mother during a church service last Sunday.

When Mtumishi’s father, Mr. Victor, was reached on the phone, he expressed his displeasure with the public statements his son had made a few days ago.

“He called me and said he was burdened in his heart, and there were certain things he needed to express freely. When his friends got wind of these words, they decided to expose them online,” Mr. Victor said.

He continued, “As a parent, I am not pleased because he is the eldest among them. He has helped in many ways with his siblings, so it’s not right for him, as someone they see as a public figure for doing one or two things, to lean to one side and start fighting the other. That is unacceptable.”

Mr. Victor revealed that on Wednesday, they had a family meeting where they agreed that family matters would be resolved privately.

“To post on social media and try to tarnish someone’s reputation, I won’t agree with that,” he stated.

Furthermore, Mtumishi’s father vowed to reach out to the comedian and his siblings to discuss the recent incident and address family issues.

Massawe also called Mtumishi’s mother, who sounded deeply hurt and complained about her son speaking ill of her publicly.

“Why did he take me and expose me to the whole world? I don’t want to talk to him right now! If he wants to talk, let him come home, and we can talk in front of our people!” Mama Mtumishi said in an angry tone.

She also dismissed the allegations of witchcraft that her son had raised, challenging him to come and show evidence if he claimed she was a witch.

“If he said I’m a witch, let him come and bring those snakes. If I am a witch, then he is also a witch. Leave those things; I don’t want to talk. If it’s about talking, it should be in front of my parents and siblings. Let him come, and we can talk; I don’t want to talk now,” she said before abruptly ending the call.

During the second call, she spoke more calmly about her son, emphasizing that, despite everything that had happened, he was still her child.

“If you felt hurt, why didn’t you come? Even my boss came here to ask me; do you want to ruin my job? Who will support me? Yet I could see the hardships in our home,” Mama Mtumishi asked her son.

She added, “We will talk at home, and not just the two of us but with others at home. You are my child. I have no problem with you.”

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