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Chris Kimaru: How I Borrowed Ksh 100 from My Ex-Girlfriend to Buy Keg Beer, Only to End Up Being Fired from My Well-Paying Safaricom Job

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Crispus Kimaru, a Kenyan who is now on the path to recovery after indulging in alcohol in the late 1990s while in campus, shared how alcohol nearly destroyed his life, leading to the loss of his job and almost driving him to suicide.

Known on Twitter as Chris Kim Story Teller, he recently shared a candid account of his journey from battling alcohol addiction to finding sobriety—a path that unexpectedly led to the loss of his well-paying job at Safaricom.

It all began in 1999, marking the genesis of Chris Kimaru’s struggle with alcohol.

By the time he entered university, his relationship with alcohol had escalated to extreme levels, leading him to sleep in ditches and consume whatever alcoholic beverage he could lay his hands on.

“College years were a blur, I do not remember much, I was drinking and missing classes. I don’t remember much of my college days,” he recalled.

Despite the challenges, he managed to graduate and secure a well-paying job with Safaricom. However, the comfortable life provided by his job did little to alleviate the worsening grip of alcoholism.

“Money was good, but my alcoholism got worse,” he reflects.

His battle with addiction reached a breaking point when he started missing work, either intoxicated or nursing a hangover. Fabricated excuses became the norm, and the repercussions were inevitable.

In a recent video, he shared the details of that unfortunate day when hunger and desperation led him to seek solace in alcohol.

“I used to drink a lot, so that day, I had taken a walk and was very hungry; I was just telling God to help me get food as I had not eaten that day,” he explained.

With a borrowed Sh. 100 from his ex-girlfriend, Kimaru intended to buy groceries, but an unexpected visit to a local pub proved disastrous.

The seemingly innocent encounter escalated, resulting in him getting so drunk that he missed his night shift and, subsequently, lost his job.

The aftermath of that night was marked by a series of unfortunate events, including attempting to secure credit for services at a brothel and selling his sofa to a neighbor.

With no job or home, Chris found himself at a crossroads, relying on the generosity of others for sustenance.

A college friend offered him temporary shelter and introduced him to online writing.

“My colleague came for me, took my belongings and I went to live with him at Kariobangi, within a very short period of time I was on bad terms with this friend because of my drinking. You know it difficult to live with an alcoholic,” he said.

Once again, he found himself homeless, depending on well-wishers for food.

His mother intervened, bringing him to his rural home in Karatina.

Malnourished and unwell, Chris’s unhealthy lifestyle, marked by alcoholism and involvement in prostitution, had taken a toll.

In 2014, he reached a dark moment and attempted suicide, driven by the desire not to let his unborn son witness his despair.

“I struggled with alcoholism, I was drinking not to escape from my woes, but to end my life it got to a point where I would steal money my wife set aside for our child’s food and eventually my wife had enough and she left,” he said.

In 2017, Chris walked into a community center, marking the beginning of his journey to sobriety. Determined to turn his life around, he embraced a new chapter free from alcohol.

“I did not look back, quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made. Over the years, I have reconciled with my wife, we are not together but we are co-parenting and that’s what matters. I reconciled with my parents too, I had caused them so much pain, my father was on the verge of disowning me,” he said.




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