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Cardi B: You Will Have to Pay Ksh 153 Million to Enter My Show

by Paul Nyongesa
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Hip-hop artist Belcalis Almanza, popularly known as Cardi B, has revealed the amount of money her fans pay when attending her shows.

The Hip-hop star confirmed that the prices for her shows are steep for ordinary fans.

The mother of two disclosed that she wouldn’t leave her home for a performance unless the organizer or promoter was willing to reach a ticket price of $153 million and above.

“I can’t leave my place to go perform if the ticket is not $153 million and above. If fans won’t pay that amount, then I’m not going,” she stated.

This is not the first time the artist has announced the high prices for her shows to her fans.

Last year, Cardi B utilized her X account significantly and proudly shared how she made $1 million for a 35-minute show in Miami.

In that previous post, the star explained that she performed for approximately 400 people at an elite bank event before advising people to think about the cost of her ticket before approaching her for a performance.

“I was paid $1 million to perform at a prestigious bank event. The event was for 400 people, and it lasted only 35 minutes,” she posted.

Fans were quick to compare her ticket prices with those of her rival Nicki Minaj, who is believed to charge $300,000 for each show.

Although $153 million is a substantial amount, the artist is not the highest-paid musician for live performances.

A vast list of artists like Taylor Swift and Kanye West earns billions for a single night, especially when on tour.

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