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Australian Government Looking for Mjengo Workers to Employ, Offering 935k Salary and Free Visa – See How to Apply

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The Australian goverment  has launched the Construction Visa Subsidy Programme (CVSP) to tackle labor shortages in its construction industry, offering financial incentives of up to 10,000 Australian dollars (over KSh 935,000) to attract construction workers from around the globe.

The initiative aims to support skilled migration visa pathways for workers, easing the financial burden on employers by covering costs such as migration agent fees, visa application fees, and relocation expenses.

According to a statement on the country’s immigration website,  the  Australian government recognizes the need to retain skilled migrants in Western Australia (WA) and to address the immediate skills requirements of local businesses.

“The State Government is investing in initiatives to ensure locals are training for jobs for the future, but there is a need to retain skilled migrants in WA and for interstate and overseas workers who have the skills needed by WA businesses today.

The new Construction Visa Subsidy Programme (CVSP) is supporting Western Australian construction businesses to fill the demand for a skilled workforce. ”

Under the CVSP, eligible employers can receive payments at three milestone points: $2,000 at Milestone 1, $4,000 at Milestone 2, and an additional $4,000 at Milestone 3.

Skilled migrants applying for their visa offshore can receive payments at two milestone points: $5,000 at Milestone 1 and another $5,000 at Milestone 2.

Skilled migrants already onshore during the CVSP’s initiation can receive reduced payments: $2,500 at Milestone 1 and an additional $2,500 at Milestone 2.

To be eligible for the Construction Visa Subsidy funds, independent skilled migrants must meet specific criteria.

This includes being granted a visa through the WA State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) under visa subclasses 190 or 491, being employed by a business headquartered in Western Australia engaged in building and construction work, and working in eligible occupations specified by the program.

To apply, click on the following link: Construction Visa Subsidy Program.

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