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Akothee Almost Reveals the Reasons Behind Her Breakup with Her Mysterious Husband, Omosh

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The famous Kenyan singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, recently participated in a live session on TikTok with her manager, Nelly Oaks.

During the live session, Nelly Oaks was seen in the kitchen preparing a special meal for the singer, who was in the resting room, engaging with him and the fans.

The manager revealed that he was preparing a special dinner for Akothee for a particular reason.

“Really, you can’t come to the kitchen. This is a special dinner for a special person like you. It’s a surprise,” Nelly Oaks was heard telling Akothee when she offered to help in the kitchen.

Throughout the session, the mother of five referred to Nelly Oaks as ‘bae’ several times, a term commonly used by couples.

The 43-year-old musician also boasted about Nelly Oaks’ love for her and mocked her broken marriage with Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

“It feels so good to be loved. I had gone there (to Schweizer) thinking it was greener pastures, it burned me!! A white guy, huh! Turns out, a white guy!,” Akothee said.

She continued to discuss her troubles with her ex-husband, the white man, saying, “The white guy almost took my life; I will come and tell you about it one day.”

During the session, Akothee firmly shut down women who admitted to being interested in her manager, stating that she already has him, and they should look elsewhere.

Mockingly, she advised these women to go after her ex-husband, Denis Schweizer, highlighting that the white man is currently single.

“Why are you clinging to Nelly Oaks? Why don’t you go take Omosh, go take the Pakistani Omosh. He is the one who is single,” she said.

These events unfolded a few weeks after the mother of five confirmed the end of her marriage to the Swiss man.

The 43-year-old artist confirmed the dissolution of her marriage with Denis Schweizer at the end of October. She disclosed this information during a live session with her fans on social media.

In the session, she affirmed that she left the short-lived marriage in June while she and Omosh were on their honeymoon.

“I have moved on from that relationship. It’s no longer there. I want to tell you that I exited that relationship in June. However, I won’t go into details,” Akothee said.

She added, “I enjoyed my marriage; I enjoyed my wedding. I have no regrets. I had my wedding on my birthday, so if things went wrong, as they have, I wouldn’t have any regrets.”

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