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Woman Rejects Boyfriend Who Sponsored Her University Education, Says ‘I Don’t Find Him Attractive Anymore’

by Samantha
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A woman who is about to graduate from university has sparked a heated debate on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, after claiming that she is at a crossroads in achieving her goal of breaking up with her boyfriend, who sponsored her university education.

In her message, the woman confirmed that her partner supported her financially from the first year until she completed her university studies.

Now in her final year, she stated that she no longer finds him attractive because he annoys her and they are no longer compatible.

She added that when she tried to explain to him that their relationship could not continue because she no longer sees him as her equal, he threatened to release her intimate photos and videos if she refused his marriage proposal.

“My partner sponsored my education from the first year until now, I’m in my final year, but now I don’t find him attractive anymore because he irritates me. He has been threatening to release my nude photos and videos if I refuse his marriage proposal, what should I do?” the young woman asked for advice on a page run by a man who hosts a show seeking solutions through private messages.

People on the page were divided in their opinions. Some seemed to blame the woman, viewing her partner as repulsive after using his resources to fund her education.

“Women are not faithful, and even if you find a faithful one, her feelings can change, and she will complain about the weaknesses she accepted before breaking up. Life is not fair, so don’t expect fairness; be a provoking person,” Emanon said.

“You are in school, and your partner has been sponsoring your education. Now you say you find him unattractive and annoying. Be honest with yourself; you are crazy. Let him release your nakedness because you are not a good person. You shouldn’t start what you can’t finish. Please, as a woman, never start what you can’t finish,” IB Victan advised.”

“Accept his proposal just so he doesn’t release your nudes. During the marriage, find a way to remind him of it and delete it. Then, divorce later,” another person advised her.

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