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Weezdom Breaks Up With Mylee Staicey, Claims She Disrespected His Mother

by Samantha
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Kenyan musician Weezdom has taken to social media to announce his split from his on-and-off girlfriend, Mylee Staicey, shortly after proposing to her.

Weezdom revealed the end of their relationship, citing an irreconcilable offense—Mylee Staicey’s disrespect towards his mother.

This development comes after Weezdom’s public apology to Mylee Staicey on the reality show ‘Take Me Home,’ where he expressed deep remorse for their relationship’s troubled course.

Weezdom’s emotional announcement on social media emphasized the fluctuating nature of their relationship, acknowledging the various challenges and emotional rollercoasters they had endured.

Despite these difficulties, he expressed enduring love and stated that Mylee Staicey would always hold a special place in his heart.

This breakup marks another chapter in the pair’s rocky relationship, which has seen public reconciliations and separations in the past.

The public nature of their romance has garnered significant attention, leading to widespread speculation about their future together.

Weezdom’s fans and followers expressed a mix of surprise and disappointment in response to the announcement.

The news has sparked discussions among fans, with many speculating about the reasons behind their breakup and the potential impact on their individual careers.

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