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‘Wachana na Kwangu”: Radio Jambo Patanisho Show Turns Ugly as Husband Throws Dirty Insults at Co-hosts Gidi and Ghost

by Paul Nyongesa
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On Monday morning, radio presenter Gidi Ogidi found himself embroiled in a challenging situation as he attempted to reconcile a couple who had been at odds after five years of marriage.

Winfred Auma, 23, had sent a message seeking reconciliation with her husband Benjamin Omondi, 34, who had a falling out with her in June this year and had run away from home, with the hope that he would come after her.

However, Benjamin had not made any attempts to reach out, and according to Winfred, he had never officially introduced himself to her parents.

“We’ve been together for almost 5 years. Since we got married, he has never met my parents. My parents started asking him why he married me, but he never responded. He was told to come, and he said he couldn’t come at that time. He said he would think about it and then come,” Winfred recounted.

She added, “He was disrespectful; he even threatened my life and physically abused me. My parents told me to go and have him follow me. Until now, he hasn’t come. When told to come, he refuses, saying if I want to go back, I can, but if I don’t, I should leave.”

Winfred said she had gone with one of their children, whom she had with Benjamin, while their youngest child stayed with him.

When Benjamin was called, he openly stated that Winfred was his wife and clarified that they had been talking.

“I didn’t go to school. I don’t know Kiswahili… She is my wife. Just the other day, I talked to her,” Benjamin said.

When Gidi attempted to inquire about the truth and understand Benjamin’s stance, he became aggressive.

“Are you her father or mine because she has brought the case to you? Do this: is everything perfect in your life? There are things you get involved in without understanding. Perfect your own life and leave me alone. She is my wife; leave her alone. Are you her father or mine? If you want her, take her. Stop bothering me,” Benjamin scolded Gidi.

“That is my wife; I talk to her every day. Leave that woman; she is mine. Deal with your own life. Leave me alone,” he said before starting to speak with people who were around him.

Gidi had to end the call as Benjamin started using abusive language on air, which was unacceptable.

“Take me to the hospital. This man is really something… He is insulting me, saying I am with his wife,” Gidi complained.

Winfred insisted that she still loved her husband and expressed her desire to reunite with him to raise their children together.

However, she mentioned that it’s possible Benjamin might be involved with someone else as she had once found him with another woman on the street.

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