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Traditional Healer Shares Story of Using Bees to Catch Kitengela alleged Thieves

by Paul Nyongesa
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A few days after losing two hundred thousand shillings and reporting the incident to the police, a woman named Salome sought the services of a local traditional healer.

Salome narrated her story to a renowned healer, Nyuki Waswa, over the phone. Nyuki Waswa, who was in Bungoma at the time, agreed to travel to Kitengela on October 3, 2023, to investigate the matter.

Upon hearing Salome’s story, Nyuki Waswa used his unique method to identify the thieves: he communicated with a swarm of bees.

To the astonishment of the residents of Kitengela, the bees were sent to locate the thieves. The two women who had allegedly stolen the money were soon found celebrating their ill-gotten gains in the town.

In a surprising turn of events, the bees, under Nyuki Waswa’s control, captured the thieves. One of the women had bees swarming around her face, while the other had bees in her hand. Nyuki Waswa, introducing himself as the bees’ caretaker, assured that these bees only harmed the criminals and would continue to do so until he ordered their release.

Aisha Salome, the woman who had lost the money to the two thieves on a bus bound for Kitengela, expressed her gratitude for the traditional healer’s services.

“I don’t do anything except pray. I’ve failed in other cases because many suspects travel far, even out of the country, to seek witchcraft services so that they cannot be traced when they steal people’s belongings,” she said.

This extraordinary incident has left the residents of Kitengela in awe, witnessing the unconventional yet effective approach used by Nyuki Waswa.

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