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Stunning Woman Loses Job After Revealing Body Count with Over 300 People in a Year

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Annie Knight, a 26-year-old Australian, has reported losing her corporate job after her bosses discovered her secret OnlyFans account, associated with adult content creators.
Knight, who claims to be among the top 0.4% of creators on OnlyFans, shared her experience on SBS’s Insight, stating that she was shocked when she was dismissed from her corporate role.

“Yes, that was my initial concern when I started my account. The last thing I wanted was to lose my job if someone found my OnlyFans page,” she shared.

Unfortunately for Knight, her fears came true within a few years.

“I had just started a new job. It was my fifth day, and I returned home feeling unwell. That day, I received an email notifying me of contract termination,” she explained.

The email contained screenshots from her OnlyFans account, along with three reasons for her dismissal.

These reasons included allegations of running a side business without company approval, sharing explicit content online, and using inappropriate language.

The company stated that such behavior was unacceptable.

When asked if she contested the decision, Knight responded, “I did, but by the fifth day, I despised the job so much that I didn’t bother fighting the decision. However, I was genuinely upset by it.”

Now, Knight earns approximately $969 a day by sharing her content online, as reported by Daily Mail.

“I’m thrilled about being fired; I’m happier now, and I have more freedom,” she told Jam Press.

“I’m making more money now than I ever did in my previous job.”

Earlier this year, Annie appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to discuss her explicit videos and pictures, proudly claiming to have had sexual encounters with over 300 men and women in one year.

“I’m just trying everything out,” she said, confirming that she does “pretty much everything” on her OnlyFans account.

Knight admitted to sleeping with five different people in a single day, explaining that she meets men on dating apps and maintains a list of regulars she engages with.

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