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Stunning details emerge on why Miguna met Akothee months after questioning husband’s legitimacy

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the world of social media and celebrity culture, public disputes and dramatic reconciliations are not uncommon.

Such was the case with outspoken lawyer and politician Miguna Miguna and Kenyan singer Akothee, who recently made headlines due to their highly publicized disagreement over the legitimacy of Akothee’s husband, Denis Schweizer, also known as ‘Omosh.’

The feud began when Miguna expressed his skepticism about Akothee’s marriage shortly after her glamorous wedding at the Windsor Hotel.

In a tweet response to a curious individual’s inquiry about Akothee’s husband, Miguna wrote, “A bright red flag. I hope she has a prenup and a will. Wishing her well.”

Akothee didn’t take this lightly and swiftly defended her husband, vehemently asserting that she wouldn’t marry for wealth and that she had her own.

“My husband is giving men sleepless nights! I can’t marry a nobody, and if so, I would have done this a long time ago! I am hot and sexy therefore, I attract the likes of Omosh. I can’t marry for wealth, I have my own… If wealth was a question, I rejected 3 proposals from not only rich but (also) a billionaire!” she previously posted on Instagram.

However, what took everyone by surprise was a recent meeting between Miguna Miguna and Akothee, which occurred six months after their public quarrel.

The two met at an undisclosed location in Nairobi, and it appears that they had a candid conversation about Akothee’s husband, ‘Omosh.’

Miguna took to social media platform ‘X’ to share his side of the story. He stated that during their meeting, he had the opportunity to ask Akothee to explain who ‘Omosh ja Switzerland’ truly is and his background.

It was an unexpected turn of events, as it seemed like Miguna was genuinely interested in understanding the situation better.

A week after their meeting, Akothee took to her social media pages to hint that all was not well in her marriage.

This revelation added another layer of intrigue to the already dramatic saga, leaving fans and followers curious about the state of her relationship with ‘Omosh.

Miguna, in response to Akothee’s disclosure, alleged that the musician had personally thanked him for his concern about her marriage.

“To her credit, Akothee came to me and thanked me in person!” he said.

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