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Sombre Moods as Pwani University Mourns First-Year Student, Faith Adongo, Who Succumbed to Brutal Stabbing Injuries

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In a heartbreaking incident that has left the community of Kilifi in shock, Faith Adongo Owino, a student at Pwani University, met a tragic end on the evening of Friday, October 20. The young woman fell victim to a brutal knife attack, succumbing to her injuries later that night.

The horrifying incident occurred around 7:30 pm on Misufuni road, a once-peaceful route now stained by a heinous crime.

Faith was viciously stabbed multiple times by unknown assailants while she was on her way home.

Despite the swift efforts to save her, Faith was rushed to Kilifi District Hospital’s Emergency wing, where she fought valiantly but tragically lost her battle at approximately 10 pm.

The news spread rapidly through social media, prompting an urgent plea for help.

Nashon Okoth, the Chairman of Pwani University Student Association, made a desperate appeal for blood donors.

“Good evening, comrades. Following the proceedings of the stabbed comrades. We are appealing to anyone with blood group A+ to reach the Kilifi District emergency wing so that we can save her life,” read the heart-wrenching message, highlighting the critical need for blood donations to sustain Faith’s life.


In a poignant tribute shared on Facebook, Brian Leeruh poured out his sorrow over the tragic passing of Faith Adongo Owino. Through the power of words, he expressed the profound grief that enveloped his heart and the community at large.

“My eyes bleed tears, My pen weep dripping blood, My heart is sinking like Titanic, I want to cry loud but I can’t,” read part of the emotional poem, capturing the depth of the pain felt by everyone who knew Faith. Leeruh’s words echoed the collective sentiment of a community grappling with the inexplicable loss of a bright soul.

Leeruh questioned the cruelty of fate, wondering why Faith had to become a victim of such a brutal attack. He emphasized how swiftly a radiant smile had been transformed into unbearable sorrow, underscoring the abruptness and injustice of her untimely departure.

In his heartfelt tribute, Leeruh bid farewell to Faith, acknowledging the injustice of a future snatched away too soon. “Safe journey, dear one, Shine your way to our eternal home, May your soul find eternal peace, Faith, Till we meet again in paradise,” he concluded, encapsulating the shared hope for peace in her eternal resting place.

Despite being a first-year student, Faith seemed to have a close-knit relationship with her friends, who expressed their shock at the news of her demise.

The community joins in Leeruh’s grief, sharing in the pain of Faith’s loved ones as they navigate this heart-wrenching loss together.

Joylinter Bae posted: “The pain is too much I have never felt this bad like how …just like that one minute u are okay another minute you are gone ,I can’t imagne how will the family accept the news its so saaad and painful may her soul rest in peace.”

Hudon Callum replied: “She is no more and that’s the painful partI can’t resist the tearsso sad in deed.”

Karani Brian wrote: “Rest in power comrade” Michael Odhiambo ” rest easy our sister Faith.”

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