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Shocking Scene as Bungoma Woman is Killed By Lightning Strike While Feeding Her Cows

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In a shocking incident in Bungoma County’s Kabuchai constituency, a 45-year-old woman tragically lost her life on Monday evening.

The woman was struck by lightning while she was out feeding her livestock.

Local chief Maurice Nyongesa confirmed the incident, emphasizing the need for residents to exercise extreme caution during the ongoing El Niño rains that have been affecting various parts of the country.

According to Nyongesa, the woman had gone to bring back her grazing cows when the lightning struck.

“I am told she had gone to bring back the cows that were grazing. However, when she got close to another person, that’s when the lightning struck and hit her,” Nyongesa said.

Nyongesa expressed his surprise at the incident, claiming that the lightning arrestors at Bwake were most likely faulty.

“What has shocked everyone is that she was struck a few meters away from the lightening arrestors at   Bwake High School. It’s as if the arrestor is not functioning,” he continued.

The area chief has called on residents to continue exercising caution even as the rains persist and urged residents to stay away for the tall trees during the storm.

“Those living nearby should be cautious. If possible, people should avoid getting close to that tree when it’s raining,” he said.

He called for collective vigilance, emphasizing that safety measures are crucial, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Nyongesa says the community has come together in mourning, offering support and prayers to the grieving family.

Despite the tragedy, Nyongesa emphasized the belief that fate is in the hands of a higher power, offering solace during this difficult time

“We believe everything is in God’s hands; only God knows about death,” he said.

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