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Shock as Thieves Steal Bread, Mistaking It for Money, Return in Anger and Kill Pregnant Woman

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking incident in Ghana, two armed robbers, who had initially fled hastily with a loaf of bread, returned in rage to murder a pregnant woman in a local store.

According to Graphic Online, the assailants ambushed the 42-year-old merchant, Raymond Suglo, and his pregnant partner around 9:30 p.m. on Monday in Jang, located in the Nadowli-Kaleo District in the Upper West Region.

The state-owned news outlet reported that Suglo was returning from his shop when the robbers, riding a motorcycle, appeared and began firing guns and brandishing machetes.

They managed to get into their bedroom, but before they could lock the door, the thieves engaged them in a struggle to open it, with their children inside the room.

In the chaos, the robbers shot through the door, injuring Mr. Suglo and forcing them to release the lock.

Once inside the couple’s room, the robbers demanded their valuables, including the day’s sales from Suglo’s shop. While in the vicinity, the assailants noticed a wrapped package inside Suglo’s motorcycle security compartment, thinking they had successfully accomplished their mission.

However, upon reaching their destination, they discovered that the only item they had taken from their raid was a loaf of bread that Mr. Suglo had brought home, seemingly for breakfast the next morning.

Determined, the robbers returned to Suglo’s home, but he was not there. In a fit of desperation and anger, they shot and killed his pregnant wife, Dorothy Suglo, before fleeing.

Recalling the ordeal from his hospital bed at the Upper West Regional Hospital, Suglo revealed that the fight against the robbers lasted for forty-five minutes (45), during which he managed to injure one of the attackers on the face.

Suglo sustained gunshot wounds in his right leg and left shoulder, along with a head injury from the machete.

Despite being shot seven times, he managed to escape on his motorcycle, attempting to ride to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, he collapsed on the way.

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