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Shock as Mackenzie now tells followers to fast until they die

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking revelation, prison authorities at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison intercepted a disturbing letter penned by cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

The letter, dated July 22 and allegedly authored by one of Mackenzie’s close associates, Kelvin Sudi Asena, outlined a sinister directive: fasting to death, even while in custody.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through law enforcement and the public alike, exposing the dark underbelly of extremist beliefs that continue to thrive behind bars.

The intercepted correspondence, which bore Mackenzie’s approval, contained explicit religious instructions advocating for a mass fasting ritual.

The letter, described by the Director of Public Prosecution as “dangerous,” prompted immediate action. Authorities swiftly initiated a forensic examination to confirm Asena’s authorship and ascertain the authenticity of the contents.

During the hearing of the State’s application to extend the detention of Mackenzie and his 27 co-accused, Assistant DPP Jami Yamina revealed the chilling details.

Asena, believed to be the author, consistently sat next to Mackenzie in court and displayed a disturbing dedication to their shared beliefs.

Chief Inspector Raphael Wanjohi, the lead investigator, emphasized the significance of the intercepted letter. He revealed that the contents aligned with witness accounts from the Shakahola massacre and Mackenzie’s preaching videos, painting a disturbing picture of a group steadfast in their extreme beliefs.

Wanjohi argued that these individuals, if released, posed a significant threat to society, considering their readiness to defend and propagate their radical ideologies.

Mackenzie, arrested on April 15, has already spent over 180 days in custody. The delay in his official charges stems from the ongoing police investigation into the deaths of more than 429 individuals unearthed from the Shakahola forest. The charges, ranging from terrorism to money laundering, underscore the gravity of the accusations against him and his associates.

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