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Shock as Father Kills His Own Son with Shoelaces, Ends up Taking a Selfie with the Dead Body

by Paul Nyongesa
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Residents of Iringa region in Tanzania were left in shock after a 33-year-old man named Goodluck Mgovano allegedly killed his 4-year-old son, Alvin Mgovano, using shoelaces and recorded the entire incident. He even took a selfie with the lifeless body.

According to reports on Global TV Online’s YouTube channel, Mgovano strangled his son and then disappeared. Before vanishing, he left a text message explaining the reason for the murder and instructions on where the child should be buried.

Initially, when they found the child in distress on his bed, residents thought he had ingested poison.

They tried to counteract the poison by giving him milk. However, when the child’s condition worsened, they rushed him to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had been strangled long before.

Upon returning home, the residents searched and found a letter left by the suspect, detailing the motive behind the murder and providing directions for the burial site.

“He left his phone with pictures and videos right there at home, and it is currently in the hands of the police,” said a local official.

The message the suspect left read, “The cause of these murders is the dispute between my wife and me on October 6, 2023. I am going to kill myself, and I want my son and me to be buried in Itendulinyi Village.”

Jackson Chaula, the Ward Councilor of Mlandege, was quoted by Global TV Online, stating that the suspect used to work as a cargo carrier in vehicles and had no apparent issues. Alfred Mwakalebela, the Chief Medical Officer at Iringa Regional Hospital, confirmed receiving the body, noting that it had neck scars.

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