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REVEALED: ‘Miondoko’ Friends School Kamusinga’s headteacher is Francis Atwoli’s brother-in-law

by Paul Nyongesa
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Principal Paul Weloba of Friends School Kamusinga has become an internet sensation thanks to his remarkable dance moves. The mesmerizing performance unfolded during a school event and quickly spread on social media, earning Principal Weloba widespread admiration for his outstanding leadership style.

In the viral video, Principal Weloba enthusiastically joined students on stage, grooving to the beats of the popular Gengetone track ‘Miondoko.’ His energetic and flawless transitions between dance routines left a lasting impression on both students and online viewers.

Clad in the school’s official uniform—a pristine white short-sleeved shirt adorned with the institution’s emblem, smart black trousers, and a tie—Principal Weloba radiated a sense of unity and school pride as he danced alongside the students.

The heartwarming video prompted an outpouring of congratulatory messages on social media platforms. Many individuals commended Principal Weloba for his exemplary leadership, praising his ability to connect with students and foster a strong sense of belonging and enthusiasm within the school community.

One notable response came from Mary Kilobi, the wife of prominent trade unionist Francis Atwoli. Kilobi, expressing her pride in Principal Weloba’s performance, disclosed that he is her brother. She highlighted the fantastic way in which he motivated students and alleviated the pressure of upcoming exams through his engaging and uplifting dance performance.

“Weh! What a fantastic way to motivate students and deal with this exam fever Monster! The Principal of Kamusinga Boys has nailed it. And to think that he’s my Brother! Very proud of our Mwalimu Paul Weloba,” shared Mary Kilobi.

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