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President Ruto Takes Swift Action, Fires 23 Kenya Forest Service Officials Over Corruption Allegations

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In a decisive move, President William Ruto has ordered the immediate termination of 23 officials from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) following serious corruption allegations.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of KFS recruits in Gilgil, Nakuru County, Ruto expressed his deep concern about the corrupt dealings that have led to extensive deforestation in the country.

Ruto emphasized that the implicated officers had engaged in corrupt practices that had contributed significantly to the destruction of forests, and he insisted that they should not only be dismissed from their positions but also face legal consequences.

He directed the KFS board to ensure the prompt dismissal of all those involved in corruption and to initiate legal proceedings against them.

Additionally, he instructed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to expedite its investigations into the 23 officials and other individuals accused of corruption within the agency.

“I have instructed the KFS board that all those engaged in corruption be fired and be taken to court. We have already found 23 forest managers and rangers. Those who have led to the destruction of forests be removed from the government. From tomorrow, I do not want them to be on the government payroll. These are people who are saboteurs,” President Ruto firmly declared.

Furthermore, President Ruto directed the Ministry of Environment, under the leadership of CS Soipan Tuya, to implement essential reforms within the agency.

He stressed that these reforms were critical to the successful execution of climate change programs in the country.

“There must be a thorough cleanup in KFS. I have instructed the Ministry that the tragedy that has befallen KFS must come to an end. We are going to take all necessary steps to protect our environment and ensure that honorable officers have the opportunity to serve our country with integrity,” President Ruto affirmed.

The President also issued a stern warning to both companies and individuals involved in illegal logging activities, stating that his government would not tolerate anyone profiting from environmentally harmful practices.

He reiterated his administration’s commitment to planting 15 billion trees and highlighted that the new recruits from KFS would play a significant role in this nationwide afforestation initiative.

Addressing the newly recruited officers, President Ruto encouraged them to carry out their duties diligently, underscoring the government’s efforts to create job opportunities by expanding the recruitment process.

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