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Pastor Ezekiel’s Mega Crusade Canceled Again

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a series of unexpected events, the highly anticipated mega crusades organized by Pastor Ezekiel Odero in Kilifi have been abruptly cancelled by the police for the second time in a fortnight.

The charismatic preacher, known for his significant following, was set to preside over the ‘Kilifi Revival Crusade’ from September 27 to October 1.

However, law enforcement authorities insisted that he hadn’t provided the necessary notice within the mandated timeframe, leading to the initial postponement.

Undeterred, Pastor Ezekiel and his devoted followers engaged in charitable activities, distributing food to congregants even after the first cancellation.

Their resilient efforts were, however, met with disappointment on October 4, when local authorities once again halted their plans. Kilifi North Sub County Police Commander, Kenneth Maina, communicated the cancellation, citing undisclosed security reasons.

Despite discussions with Pastor Ezekiel’s legal representative, the event was deemed illegal, making any attempt to proceed a breach of the law.

This incident isn’t isolated, marking a recurring pattern for Pastor Ezekiel Odero. Earlier this year, similar interruptions were witnessed during his crusades in Machakos.

The mysterious cancellations have left both his followers and the public puzzled, raising questions about the complexities of organizing religious gatherings in contemporary Kenya.

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