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Pastor Ezekiel: Couples who buy expensive rings don’t last

by Paul Nyongesa
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The controversial pastor from the New Life Prayer Centre in Mavueni, Kilifi County, Ezekiel Odero, has hinted that the prices of wedding rings and God’s blessing within the marriage are the main causes of the collapse of many marriages in recent times.

Ezekiel, who was preaching in his church, approached a woman who had come seeking help to restore her broken marriage. He inquired about the price of her ring and compared it to the one he had purchased for his wedding with his wife, Sarah.

The pastor, known for his controversial sermons, revealed that he bought his wedding ring for only 15 Kenyan shillings, emphasizing its simplicity. He contrasted this with the believer’s ring, which was purchased for more than 18,000 shillings but failed to endure for many years.

“My wedding ring, as you can see, I bought it for 15 shillings,” Ezekiel stated.

However, Ezekiel explained that before wearing the physical ring, he was adorned with a spiritual ring, which he described as considerably more valuable. According to him, this spiritual ring has kept his marriage intact to this day.

“But I was given a spiritual ring that has kept my marriage alive until today. And that spiritual ring is priceless; don’t let anyone fool you,” Ezekiel proclaimed.

He advised people intending to enter into marriage to first commit themselves to God before taking that step. He also proudly stated that his church possessed a unique anointing for providing marriage solutions.

“There are people who are happy to have expensive wedding rings, laugh at them. But if you get married, come to New Life; otherwise, no matter how expensive your wedding was, you might end up separated, because a wedding is an event, the cake is for the wedding attendees, and the food is for the gossipers. But when you get home, that’s when marriage truly begins,” he advised.

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