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Nurse Judy Maina: How I moved to US on visit visa, changed to Green Card in 7 month

by Paul Nyongesa
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In an era when global mobility has become increasingly common, stories of individuals who successfully navigate the complex immigration process and achieve their dreams abroad continue to captivate our attention.

One such inspiring tale is that of Judy Maina, a Kenyan nurse who transformed her US visit visa into a coveted green card, allowing her to live and work in the United States.

Judy Maina, known affectionately as Mom Teiyan or Nurse Judy Ke, is a respected medical practitioner hailing from Kenya.

During a You-tube video session, Her story begins with a thriving career at a prominent Kenyan hospital.

Despite her dedication to her profession, Judy was left disheartened by the meager salary she received.

Her journey towards the United States was motivated by the pursuit of better opportunities and financial security.

Her initial salary in Kenya amounted to a modest Sh. 35,000, which, over time, increased to Sh. 45,000.

Nevertheless, Judy decided to resign from her position, ultimately earning Sh. 75,000 per month.

To augment her income, she took on additional nursing shifts and provided home nursing services.

It was during this time that she realized the potential for nurses to thrive abroad and elevate their standard of living.

Judy found her inspiration from fellow Kenyan nurses who had successfully made the transition to living abroad.

These nurses seemingly transformed their lifestyles mere months after relocating to foreign countries.

Their success stories spurred Judy to explore the possibility of a life-changing move to the United States.

Her journey officially began in February 2022, when she embarked on an extensive search for information on how to relocate to the United States.

Judy’s advice to fellow nurses aspiring to work abroad is to engage reputable agents such as Avant Healthcare to facilitate the intricate immigration process.

Avant Healthcare played a pivotal role in Judy’s journey, covering her flight expenses to sit for the NCLEX exams, which are essential for nursing practice in the US.

However, the journey was far from straightforward.

Judy’s husband was offered a job in Tanzania, prompting the relocation of their entire family to Masaki, Dar es Salaam.

Despite her husband’s employment prospects, Judy encountered significant hurdles, including the denial of a work permit in Tanzania.

The combination of joblessness and marital difficulties led to a challenging period in her life.

While Judy was in New York to sit for her nursing exams, she came across a flyer that advertised a unique opportunity for nurses with US visit visas.

This opportunity allowed them to apply for a green card sponsorship, provided they had passed the NCLEX test. Judy promptly emailed the organizers and received immediate acceptance.

The plan was clear: she would leave Kenya for the US on a visit visa and then adjust her status to acquire a green card through the healthcare company’s sponsorship.

However, leaving her family behind in Kenya was an emotional ordeal, and Judy battled anxiety and uncertainty about her future.

Upon her arrival in Colorado, USA, Judy stayed for two weeks before relocating to Seattle.

Her journey was not without challenges, including a fallout with a friend who had initially hosted her. Despite the emotional ups and downs, Judy persevered.

Initially working as a caregiver in adult homes, Judy awaited the processing of her green card. Once she obtained her US work permit, she secured a position in a hospital in Los Angeles, California, marking a significant milestone in her journey.

In total, Judy’s journey from Kenya to the United States cost her approximately Sh. 1 million ($7,000).


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