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Must be rich! Amber Ray speaks on her next husband days after break-up with Kennedy Rapudo

by Paul Nyongesa
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Amber Ray, a prominent figure in Kenya’s entertainment and socialite scene, recently opened up about her single status and her perspectives on love and relationships.

Despite her fame and beauty, Amber Ray has chosen to take her time before embarking on another romantic journey following her recent breakup with her second child’s father, Kennedy Rapudo, amid allegations of domestic violence.

In a candid interview, Amber Ray declared, “I am single and focusing on taking care of my children. I’ll take as much time as I need before entering another relationship.” She also made an earnest request for people to respect her decision and refrain from sending her romantic messages or expressing interest in her.

One of the key points that Amber Ray emphasized during the interview was the importance of financial stability in relationships. She stressed that while love is a beautiful and cherished aspect of life, it is essential to have financial security for a partnership to thrive. In her own words, “Love is good, but you should have money.”

She believes that financial security is a critical factor that can make or break a partnership.

Furthermore, Amber Ray addressed the common misconception that dating her necessitates owning a luxury car, particularly a Range Rover.

She clarified that material possessions, such as the type of car someone owns, are not the criteria she values in a partner.

Amber Ray shared, “People think they need to own a Range Rover to be with me. When I started dating the father of my daughter, Kennedy Rapudo, he drove a X5. It’s not just about cars. People I have dated in the past had luxurious cars, and I’ve experienced a variety of fine things and rides. That doesn’t entice me. I am who I am.”

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