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Mount Kenya University Suspends Student in Viral TikTok Video Criticizing Higher Education and Dismissing Exams

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Mount Kenya University recently took disciplinary action against one of its students, Job Onyango, a popular TikTok content creator known as @jobnyakach, for sharing a video that dismisses the value of higher education and insults lecturers.

In the video, Onyango questions the significance of education in wealth creation, stating that he is pursuing university studies merely to please his parents.

“This is an exam paper, so tell me how is this going to make you rich? Okay, you have defined data collection, good, I know you define terms well, now tell me how is it going to make you rich,” Onyango could be heard saying in the video.

In response to the video, the university has suspended Onyango for the semester from September to December 2023. He is expected to return in January 2024.

“The University Disciplinary Committee has summoned you to answer to the charge of inciting fellow students and other members of the community to commit offenses,” the statement read.

The university also issued a final warning, stating that further offenses could result in expulsion.

Onyango’s controversial video showcases him questioning the practicality of education, pointing at vehicles he claims belong to lecturers as evidence of their supposed failure in life.

His suspension has sparked debates online, with Onyango defending his actions in subsequent videos, denying inciting fellow students to commit offenses.

With a significant TikTok following of over 30,800, Onyango is a prominent influencer known for his provocative content under the username @jobnyakach, or Escape The Matrix.

Despite warnings from fellow students about the potential consequences of his actions, Onyango remains unapologetic, raising questions about the boundaries of online expression and the responsibilities of social media influencers.

“There are some university students warning me about my recent activity. Let me tell you, are you happy with the life you are living? Okay, you will graduate, after graduation, where will you go?” he posed.

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