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Member of Parliament Peter Salasya Lists the Qualities of a Woman He Desires to Marry

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Member of Parliament for Mumias East, Peter Salasya, stirred a diverse array of emotions online during an interview last Friday.

In the discussion, Peter Salasya shared his political journey and why he believes he is one of the successful MPs who have achieved something.

According to Peter Salasya, being a Member of Parliament was not an easy journey. He recounted how in the 2017 elections, he was last with 254 votes in his constituency.

Additionally, Peter Salasya revealed why he no longer uses his V8 car these days.

According to him, he does not drive his car due to the high cost of petrol.

He mentioned that his car consumes a lot of fuel compared to other vehicles.

When the price of petrol went up, he decided to park his car as he was now spending double the amount on fuel.

Peter Salasya disclosed what motivated him to become an MP and why he chose to be different from other parliamentarians.

Furthermore, he shared the reason for his bachelor status.

According to Salasya, he is still single because he has not found a woman since he became a Member of Parliament.

He added that his dream is to marry a beautiful white woman from a country outside Africa.

For him, he feels that only white women would easily understand his move and what he wants, compared to African women.

“I have always wanted to date a Mzungu woman for a long time,” he said.

“I want a Mzungu man from any country. Bora tu awe mzungu (as long as she is white),” he explained. He added:

“She should be slender between 20-26 years. More than 30 atakuwa amesonga sana. Hao wanasumbua sana.(I don’t want someone over 30. They are very stubborn).” 

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