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Meet the little known US-based tycoon behind the trending mansion built on top of an apartment

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nairobi’s skyline has been graced by a remarkable architectural marvel, courtesy of the creative brilliance of Elaine Ombasi, a Kenyan-US-based nurse with a passion for unconventional design and efficient space utilization.

The talk of the town, her creation, located in the heart of Zimmerman, Nairobi, is a testament to her vision and hard work.

In an exclusive interview with Paxson TV, Elaine shared the story behind her unique project.

“I had this idea,” she explained, “so I brought it to my builder, and he told me it was possible to implement it.”

Collaborating closely with her builder, whom she had known from her childhood, Elaine meticulously planned every aspect of the construction process.

The project, which combined a three-storey house with rental apartments below, was not just a creative endeavor but a tribute to her roots.

“I grew up in Zimmerman, and that is what inspired me to buy a plot here. I wanted to be close to my childhood,” she said.

The construction, spanning four years, was a labor of love and determination.

“People just see the house, but it is hard work,” Elaine emphasized.

The house features four bedrooms, a laundry room, and a pantry, demonstrating her keen eye for efficient space usage. However, what truly sets her creation apart is the strategic positioning of her house on top of rental apartments, showcasing her ingenuity in maximizing her plot’s potential.

Elaine’s decision to build a house atop rental apartments was driven by her desire to optimize space usage.

“I just had this plot, and I wanted to maximize space. I wanted a house, and I also wanted rental apartments,” she explained.

Her innovative approach, coupled with her unwavering dedication, resulted in a design that has mesmerized the community.

“It’s funny; it’s been trending; people are just mesmerized. There are many buildings like it but not many,” she remarked modestly.

The construction wasn’t merely a matter of bricks and mortar; it was a testament to Elaine’s determination and creativity.

The project demanded meticulous planning, coordination, and substantial financial investment.

“It has cost me millions to build this,” she revealed, underscoring the magnitude of her achievement.

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