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Meet Kenyan Couple Making Up To Sh 50 000 Weekly Sleeping On TikTok

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, creativity knows no bounds. Meet Raymax and Maycee Ochieng, affectionately known as “The Rays,” a TikTok power couple who have embraced an unusual concept that has transformed their lives and bank accounts.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that sleeping can’t pay your bills, this couple has not only challenged this notion but also turned it into a lucrative venture.

The journey of The Rays began on TikTok, where they initially shared typical couple content—stories, songs, and jokes—much like countless others.

However, a suggestion from one of their fans changed the trajectory of their digital presence.

The idea was simple yet intriguing: why not stream themselves sleeping live on camera? Intrigued by the novelty of the concept, they decided to give it a shot.

Initially met with skepticism, their unconventional approach soon found an audience. The couple added a unique twist by cuddling while they slept, setting them apart from others attempting similar content. Their livestreams, where they sleep for hours in front of the camera, became an unexpected hit, attracting thousands of viewers and millions of likes.

The financial windfall followed swiftly. The couple revealed in a recent interview that they make up to sh 50,000 per week from their sleeping sessions.

This income, unthinkable to many, has become their primary source of livelihood.

They’ve been able to upgrade their living conditions, moving from their initial residence in Bombolulu, Kibera, to a spacious two-bedroom apartment, all thanks to their unusual online venture.

However, their success story is not without challenges. Maycee lost her job due to violating her workplace’s strict social media policy.

Nevertheless, the couple persevered, focusing on the positive aspects of their newfound career.

They’ve dealt with negative comments and criticism but have chosen to ignore the naysayers, realizing that their unique content provides for them and puts food on their table.

Beyond financial gains, The Rays’ popularity has turned them into local celebrities, with their friends, family, and neighbors supporting their unconventional career choice.

Looking ahead, they plan to diversify their content further, exploring platforms like YouTube to reach a broader audience.

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