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Mbosso Opens Up About Strained Relationship with Otile Brown, Admits They Do Not See Eye to Eye

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Tanzanian music sensation Mbosso has recently shed light on his less-than-amicable relationship with Kenyan artist Otile Brown.

Speaking candidly in an interview with Wasafi Media, Mbosso addressed the rumored discord between the two musicians.

Mbosso clarified, “I don’t have any issues with any artist. I am the kind of person that if you have a problem with me, I will step aside, and you will find yourself alone. There was a time he claimed we stole his song.”

He went on to reveal the root of their disagreement, stating, “We haven’t been friends, but I recall he approached me for a collaboration. I directed him to my management, but he failed to follow the proper process. As an artist, I operate under management, so if you want to collaborate, you need to follow the correct channels.”

Meanwhile, Otile Brown has been gearing up for a significant career move by announcing his upcoming album, slated for release in 2024.

The Kenyan musician expressed his determination for the album’s success, stating, “I have poured my heart and soul into my upcoming album, drawing from real-life experiences. It has to rank among the top three best albums in Africa, or else I am willing to quit music.”

In a previous interview, Otile Brown addressed the phenomenon of Tanzanian music gaining more popularity in Kenya compared to some local artists.

“It’s normal.”

He acknowledged the ebb and flow of trends in the music industry, emphasizing that their focus is on creating music that resonates with a broad audience, serving as a source of comfort and entertainment rather than engaging in musical rivalries.

“Kuna wakati tuko juu, kuna wakati tuko chini ni graph inapanda na kushuka muda wowote unanielewa lakini hatufanyi muziki wa kubisana unaielewa kuna wasanii tofauti tofauti.

Kuna wasanii ambao wanfanya muziki kutrend, kuonyesha ubingwa lakini sisi tunacommunicate na mia ya watu.

Unaelelwa muziki wetu ni wa ku liwaza watu na kuonyesha watu huko nje so tunapotrend, hatufanyi muziki wa kubishana.”

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